Best Phrases to Use for Building Rapport

Best Phrases to Use for Building Rapport

12 . August . 2017

Whether you’re investigating a query, addressing a complaint or just giving general advice, building rapport is enormously important in the contact center.

Here, we provide you with a list of things to do, during a typical customer service call, to build rapport, whilst giving pointers to what kind of language and statements you should be using.

1.Demonstrate Commonality
The definition of rapport is a feeling of commonality; people like people who are like themselves. So, if you want to build rapport, you need to demonstrate commonality.

By finding common ground, you are creating an environment of “safety” and “belongingness”, which have significance when it comes building rapport.

2. Mirror the Customer’s Tone
To get the ball rolling, advisors should take care to mirror the customer’s tone, rate and style of speech throughout each call. This demonstrates strong listening skills, another key ingredient in the creation of rapport.

3. Repeat the Problem
By repeating the problem, advisors can show that they are engaged mentally in the process, which demonstrates that the advisor has genuine interest in the matter. This could increase trust between advisors and the customer, consequently aiding the rapport building process.

4. Assert Control
It is important for the advisor to assert control of the situation, to take ownership of the problem, and to convince the customer that the matter in question will be put right.

5. Provide reassurance
In a situation where the call has ended without a resolution, it is necessary to provide reassurance to the customer that his or her complaint will be seen through to its conclusion. Providing reassurance is also important when dealing with angry customers.

6. End of Call Recap
Recap what you went over with the customer at the end of the call so that they feel part of the solution. People tend to recall the last thing that was said to them, so this reinforces the positive steps taken.
We hope you will find the above useful and applicable to your operations.