Reduce call center after-call work (ACW) time

Reduce call center after-call work (ACW) time

1 . November . 2018

Wrap time, after-call work, ACW, post-call processing – these are just some of the names for that important bit of time in a contact center once a call has ended when the advisor can update the system with the caller’s resolution, next steps, details or order notes.
In this article we will show you how to make the most of just a few precious minutes to ensure wrap time or ACW is used properly and effectively.

1. The importance of quality call text

Train your advisors clearly on what is required in call text, logs or notes. This is critically important when another department, level of escalation or field operatives may be picking up the next steps.

2. Make it part of the call center induction process

Train your advisors as part of their induction on how to use call text, what level of detail is needed and which abbreviations are acceptable – provide them with a list.

Explain the consequences (preferably with real case studies) of when poor call text has caused problems for the customer, organization and advisor.

3. The need for speed

Teach them to proof read backwards and to type quickly and accurately. After every six months, arrange a short ‘Call Text Etiquette’ workshop that refreshes the key points from induction.

4. Weed out any bad habits

In this workshop you can introduce training activities that include ‘spot the errors’ in sample call text paragraphs. In the workshop discuss what the implications of such errors could be, a) for the caller/customer, b) for the organization and c) for them.

5. Manage time classifications

As a team leader or contact center manager your overall wrap times will be hugely inflated if people are using these for breaks, chat time, drink refills etc.
Most contact centers do have targets on wrap time, which can vary depending on the type of center, but often around 5% of average handling time is used. Explaining this diplomatically at a team briefing may be all that is needed for you to see an improvement in metrics.