OneView Multimedia Gateways

OneView Multimedia Gateways

OneView provides sophisticated functionality for the extensive needs of today’s customer communication, while offering a comprehensive and flexible solution for the enterprise to cover the needs for multi-media channel communication using SMS, FAX, EMAIL and WEB.

The solution provides your customers with a greater choice of communication channels to suit their budget and lifestyle, giving them options that will drastically reduce waiting times and even sometimes eliminating it altogether. You get improved access to your customers, and you can communicate with more immediacy and intimacy than ever before. The billions of SMS message sent each day demonstrate how rapidly SMS has become the channel of choice for many people, now OneView lets you into their world.


OneView multimedia gateway complements and extends the capabilities of customer communication. It queues inbound SMS, email, fax and Web communication and delivers them to the relevant agent in each queue. Inbound and outbound contacts can be fully automated for a cost-effective handling. Some of the salient features include:

• Available for SMS, fax, email, chat
• Multi-line configuration
• Intelligent multi-media enabled ACD integration
• Rules and skills based routing, smart queuing
• Integrated Communication Deck with channel handling,
• In-house messaging center
• Monitoring, Supervision, Service Level Wallboard
• Comprehensive MIS reporting tool
• Support of multiple networks
• Integration with ACD Agent for inbound, desktop application
• Outbound functions for delivering alerts, reminders, alerts, balance and status.

A Complete and Proven Solution

OneView Multimedia solution is based on a completely modular architecture allowing the customers to deploy the applications and services as and when needed by the business. A client can start with basic set of modules and then expand as per business requirements. With OneView Multimedia solutions, your contact center agents provide exceptional service to consumers during each and every contact whether email, SMS, fax, mail, survey response.