OneView Relationship Management

OneView Relationship Management

OneView Partner Relationship Management Solution helps businesses ensure timely delivery of quality services to the end users. It is built upon the proven business strategy for improving inter-partner communication, enabling partners to customize and streamline collaborative tasks, ensuring partner retention and business growth, ensuring accelerated ROI and revenue sharing among partners.

Stellar Services

▶ Increased partner productivity
▶ Improved service efficiency
▶ Consistency and accountability
▶ End-user satisfaction
▶ Transparent partner relationship
▶ Quality improvement
▶ Improved profitability
▶ Enhancement of corporate and brand Image


OneView Partner Relationship Management Solution is a profit maximizing approach to business for delegating corporate responsibility to partners while ensuring customer satisfaction and ensuring a win-win situation for all partners. The supervisors can efficiently carry out partner performance monitoring and evaluation, providing detailed reports for all the activities, service levels, success rate and quality.

A Complete Solution

OneView PRM is very flexible allowing you to extend the functionality and capacity whenever your business needs. Based on industry standards, PRM applications run on cost-effective LAN server and workstations. These applications can be integrated with any front-end business software, multiple databases and backend systems. The solution is very easy to implement and manage. The results are instant and the payback period is amazingly short.