Outbound Auto IVR

An efficient way to reach thousands of customers quickly

▶ Ideal for keeping customers informed
▶ Bill due date reminders
▶ Run multiple auto calling campaigns simultaneously
▶ Easy to upload target dialing list
▶ Based on globally acclaimed CTI technology

OneView Contact Management

A unified way of handling your customer complaints

▶ Real time monitoring of complaints
▶ Complete historical view of processes
▶ Routing for multi-stage processing
▶ Individual TAT and escalation
▶ MIS reports covering users, services
▶ API for integration with other apps

Contact Center Live

All in one platform with all the essential apps

▶ Intelligent routing, auto routing
▶ Dynamic greetings based on rules
▶ Unlimited queues, multiple on hold
▶ Integrated call data recording
▶ CTI screen pop up
▶ CC Dashboard with views of KPI’s
▶Agent performance monitoring
▶Smart app for call playback

Call Logging System

Retrieve calls via CNIC, Account and more

▶ Get complete call data with recording
▶ Receive email alerts
▶ Scramble recordings to protect data
▶ Attach tags and comments to any call
▶ Mirror recordings on multiple locations
▶ Search by wide range of flags

Centralized Recorder

▶ Ideal for outbound teams for recovery, collection and verification
▶ Store all recordings centrally and safely
▶ Simplified system administration, backup and restore
▶ Mirror recordings on multiple locations
▶ Powerful retrieval and playback app

Self-Service IVR

An IVR that adjusts according to your business needs

▶ Account information, balance, PIN change
▶ Connect with any call center ACD, PABX
▶ Conference mode for PIN generation
▶ Integrate with any backend host, bank, Nadra
▶ PIN input tone encryption
▶ Fully customizable feature set

Audio Voice Recording Services