OneView Contact Center Suite

▶ Built in IP Soft Phone and logging
▶ Customer profile and history views
▶ Call recording and smart playback
▶ Service level Dashboard with BI
▶ Integration with back end data
▶ Comprehensive reporting

OneView Digital Call Recording

▶ Multiple lines call recording simultaneously
▶ All telephone lines supported
▶ Organization's needs fully covered
▶ Outbound calls through Telephone network

OneView Relationship Management

▶ Managing outlets and customers
▶ Coordination with partners
▶ Timely issue resolution & service delivery
▶ Activity documentation
▶ On-time report generation

OneView Outbound Management

▶ Documented outbound calling
▶ Running of multiple campaigns simultaneously
▶ Automated system based dialing
▶ Customer data integration and screen pop up

OneView Self Service IVR

▶ Independent and Integrated
▶ Support for Multiple Languages
▶ High Value Services
▶ Easy to use for Administrators
▶ Lower Cost of Ownership
▶ Return on Investment

OneView Multimedia Gateways

▶ Using media gateways; SMS, Email & Fax
▶ Alerts and Notification Module
▶ Outbound SMS campaign management module
▶ Customer data fully integrated
▶ Extensive MIS reporting tool

OneView Tele-Conferencing

▶ Multiple conferences simultaneously
▶ Inbound and outbound dialing
▶ Secured access
▶ Full Documentation
▶ Transparent mixing of landline and mobile networks

Audio Voice Recording Services