Reopening Plans Must Look Forward

Reopening Plans Must Look Forward

24 . April . 2021

Throughout the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, technology has played a considerable role in maintaining continuity of customer service. Contact centers were able to transition to a full-time remote work. Contact center leaders have stepped out of their comfort zones to serve their customers. Making sure that agents are available remotely and have access to data to deliver a great customer experience.

As pandemic is becoming the new normal and lockdown being lifted up, contact centers are start working on plans to bring teams back to the office, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Hybrid Staff Models

Before COVID-19, very few contact centers had any robust experience with remote work, let alone at this scale. In fact, contact centers have major barriers to full and productive work-from home.

Cloud platforms provide your agents with the tools they need to serve customers from anywhere—office, home, and any combination of sites. However, that flexibility for every agent to be virtual does not mean that every agent should be their own island. Make sure your supervisors have the right tools (and training to use them) for virtual agent coaching, performance management, and motivation across a combination of in-office and distributed agents.

Office Designs

The collaboration rooms and communal workspaces that were once synonymous with teamwork are being viewed through an entirely different lens. Supervisors and executives are now rethinking the value of bringing entire agent communities together, as desks themselves are now a barrier to getting agents back in the office.

Opportunities for Innovation

Customer service never stops. Customers continue to expect personalized experiences that respect their time, and choice of communication channels. As agents begin to return to the office and reclaim a sense of normalcy, it’s an opportunity for them to take the lessons they learned through the early phases of the pandemic to translate into striving to provide a more human touch to CX.

For example, as agents and customers have navigated the pandemic, they’ve seen firsthand just how far empathy and other soft skills can go. Problem solving and communication are now skills every agent must excel in to succeed to meet customer needs. Further, building that personalized and emotionally driven connection is a vital component in fostering customer loyalty. “Getting back to normal” should not mean turning back the clock, but rather finding new ways to engage with customers and make them feel heard.

Preparing for the Future

Time and patience are the keys to successful reopening for contact centers. As leadership plans for the future, it’s important to remember that the timetable remains fluid. That said, deliberate consideration will ensure that both agents and customers can thrive in their new environment.

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