Our Team

Our Team

Strive loyalty, commitment and professionalism

A demonstration of dedication, commitment and professionalism

ZRG maintains a committed team of software designers and developers under a technically sound management that has been involved in software development projects involving mainframes, minicomputers, tandem computers along with Windows and Web centric network oriented distributed systems.

Our teams are well versed with the challenges of system integration and deployment. We have a dedicated team of professionals with years of Telephony industry and CTI experience and have in-depth knowledge to creating solutions that link multiple heterogeneous systems to deliver timely results to the users.

ZRG uses this expertise to develop the customized applications and features as per customer needs, to connect our applications with other applications and data hosts.

We have a group of dedicated teams are led by seasoned IT management that is directly involved in the quality of our work. When we say Delivering Beyond Expectation, we just do not say it as a marketing slogan, we mean it and we do deliver the results and we base this claim on the feedback that our customers have expressed to us and to others independently.