Centralized Recorder

Centralized Recorder

OneView Outreach is an outbound campaign management solution that offers a high degree of flexibility, control and manageability to the call center manager to carry out several types of calling campaigns simultaneously.

Stellar Services

▶ A unified platform for running outbound calling campaigns
▶ Pre-integrated IP communication with agent desktop, call recording, monitoring
▶ Unified administration tool for managing all functions, services and integrations
▶ Live monitoring and supervision
▶ Centralized reporting application to cover all activities, events, agents and users
▶ Multi-site traffic routing for load sharing, contingency


• Flexibility
• Centralized control and remote IP agent based processing
• Dispersed agents to process campaigns from remote locations
• CTI Information presented in a clear and simple format
• Increased agent effectiveness and consistency
• Fast Rapid script creation and modification
• Real time complete control and monitoring of jobs

Delivering Results

OneView Outreach solution for outbound campaign management can help your business in generating new revenues and in managing your customer relationships. It provides all the capabilities that are required to make your outbound agent more effective and better prepared for customer interaction. Reduces costs with complete SIP-based "all software" architecture and elevates agent productivity and contact success rates.

A Complete Solution

Comprehensive solution with all required functionality to ensure quality and results in handling all outbound calls and interaction.