Contact Management

Contact Management

A comprehensive solution for managing customer interactions and relationships

OneView Contact Management Center is a customer-focused business solution designed to optimize productivity, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction. It is a complete end-to-end solution for managing all aspects of customer contact and relationship management, covering all aspects of customer request registration, routing, processing, tracking, escalating and reporting.

Staller Services

▶ A Unified business solution
▶ Relationship and issue management
▶ Business communication
▶ Performance management
▶ Configuration management
▶ Multi-media channels

Outstanding Features

▶ Complaint registration, routing, escalation and tracking
▶ Contact reception, answering, routing, queuing and transfers
▶ CTI Screen pop with customer views and history display
▶ Unified Desktop with IP Communication Deck
▶ Back office contact processing module
▶ Supervision and performance monitoring
▶ Logging and reporting module

Solution Package Includes (Detail)

OneView CMS creates a controlled and documented pathway for covering each step in the life cycle of a registered Contact, from registration to customer satisfaction.

The Contacts
Contacts can be organized in a systematic way by categorizing them into two levels i.e. Main Category and Sub-Category for a finer level granularity and reporting.

• Each Contact can be given an overall Turn around time (TAT) in which it should be completed as per company policy.
• Each Contact can have one, two or more (as many as you like) destinations, called STAGES where the Contact is sent for processing.
• This is ideal for Contacts and requests that require various types of processing by multiple departments in a well-defined sequence as per company SOP.

The Users
You can have different types of users in your setup, having different roles. Here are the available roles:
• Front office – Users can register new Contact or look up the status of existing ones, these are the users that directly interface with the customer Contacts.
• Branch office – Users can receive the routed Contact sent by the front office, view pending items and update after processing is finished.
• Back office – Users receive the items that have been processed and marked as done by Branch office. The users can perform verification from the customer as per your standard SOP and close the item. In case customer is still not satisfied, the Back office can re-launch the Contact.
• QA office – Users receive the items that require attention, e.g. Contact still pending after TAT and Contacts resolved after TAT


 Robust Contact Handling
- Register all Contacts
- Route to various destinations for processing
- Keep track of TAT, pending and resolved issues

 Complete Documentation
- All activities and events to be documented, time stamped
- Generate MIS reports to monitor the trends, service level

 Quality Control
- Ensure quality of service that is being delivered
- Identify type of Contacts, frequent Contacts
- Recurring Contacts type and location identification