Outbound Auto IVR

Outbound Auto IVR

Increase Satisfaction by Keeping Customer Informed

When you need to deliver important reminders and notifications to thousands of your customers in a short period of time, the most cost-effective and reliable option is to use a right mix of technology and automation.

OneView Outbound IVR solution by ZRG is one of the most advanced and highly flexible call automation platforms in the market. It enables an organization to deliver user-specific messages to literally thousands of customers per hour. You can define and run single or multiple outbound campaigns simultaneously such as Bill due reminder, Service updates, General or specific alerts and surveys.

Outbound calling campaigns are very easy to manage in OneView. Target calling lists can be loaded automatically and on-demand basis. Each called customer can be given a custom message according to the defined data file. Dialing window can be defined to control call timing.

OneView Outbound IVR can easily integrate with your data network and connect with a wide variety of data and middleware hosts to use account specific information in the calling lists.


Scalable Architecture
support from 30 channels to 100s of channels

Flexible Software
feature set extension and customization for company specific needs

Open Integration
seamlessly link the IVR with your backend data sources, middle ware and cloud

Modular Approach
Get the features and capacity you require, expand whenever business needs change

Proven Solution
Leading brands have been using OneView for years with complete satisfaction
OneView self-service IVR is a platform you can depend on. It can be adjusted as per changing needs of your business. Join our client community that has been using our IVR solutions for more than a decade with complete satisfaction.