Call Logging System

Call Logging System

OneView Digital Call Recorder is a result-oriented business communication solution that provides robust capabilities for effectively managing all aspects of voice call recording with quality, control, efficiency and complete documentation in a cost effective manner.

Stellar Services

▶ Simplified retrieval of recorded files - Within minutes
Gives your organization the cutting edge over the competition

▶ Centralized and de-centralized configuration options - Flexibility
Support dispersed teams to conduct calling activities

▶ Complete historical Information presented in a clear format - Tracking
Increased operational effectiveness and consistency

▶ Monitoring of system and storage capacity - In real time
Status display enables management to monitor the system status

▶ Can be managed by IT literate business team - Not programmers
Gives you savings with low ongoing maintenance and training costs


• Transparently records all calls on multiple lines simultaneously
• Support for all types of telephone lines
• Scalable to cover the needs of the entire organization
• Freedom of telephone network for making outbound calls
• Generation of e-alerts and e-notifications via email
• Instant report generation on the basis of user, lines and locations

A Complete and Proven Solution

Comprehensive solution with all required functionality to ensure quality and results in managing your call recording capabilities. One of the most trusted, proven and reliable solution in the market working at over 40 national and international sites, including 15 financial organizations.