How AI Can Help In Customer Service

How AI Can Help In Customer Service

22 . February . 2023

AI may seem like magic, but it’s not the end-all-be-all of software. In fact, many of the features and user benefits you strive for can be achieved without it.

Customer service has been an integral part of business enterprise for years.

This discipline helps build trust and confidence in the mind of customers, which is a requisite for sustained growth and continued success. As technology changes, so have your customer’s service needs.

If your company is still manually responding to customer service requests, you’re wasting lots of valuable time, energy, and other resources.

AI might sound intimidating, but automated tools are available for any size and scale company.

AI and hyper automation can help your organization provide its best customer service.

1. Helping Improve Customer Service

AI tools help streamline your customer services processes. You can apply an AI framework to almost every part of the customer experience, particularly in situations where the customer isn’t face-to-face with one of your human team members.

Many industries have already adopted AI interfaces for their helplines. AI can handle many customer issues over the phone, through text-based online chat services, and by email. In such scenarios, automated tools can perform many lower-level tasks that used to require a human touch.

AI can answer phone calls, provide common knowledge base answers, tackle operational questions, and even approve refunds or account exceptions.

AI services can improve the customer experience which leads to improvements across all fields: customer loyalty, repeat purchases, brand reputation, revenue, churn, and more.

2. Learns From Human Input

Instead, an AI tool can adapt and adjust its behavior within a certain set of guidelines. These guides or parameters can be established when you first adopt the tool, but overall, your AI will be learning on the job.

AI tools learn from human interactions and behavior.

When your AI makes the best choice, its decision is reinforced. Awkward, negative, or unnecessary decisions receive a penalty. Over time, this process of machine learning encourages the AI to learn and grow.

3. A Faster Response Time Than Humans

Computers and machines can respond faster than humans. A computer’s processing speed operates on a different scale than the human experience of time.

People stop to consider context, have emotional reactions, get bored, or otherwise find themselves distracted during conversations. AI, on the other hand, receives input and immediately provides output.

This means that AI can make decisions almost instantaneously compared to a human’s thought process.
Faster response times are a common goal of customer service departments. Slow response teams frustrate customers, especially users who are already dissatisfied with their experience.

4. Can Reply From End To End

Today’s AI solutions can handle a complete interaction, producing robust responses that manage the situation. Tools like Email tree can maintain simple yet entire conversations. In these scenarios, the AI tool may complete a full interaction with a customer. AI is also ideal for answering contact forms and emails.