How AI Can Help In Customer Service

How AI Can Help In Customer Service

22 . February . 2023

AI may seem like magic, but it’s not the end-all-be-all of software. In fact, many of the features and user benefits you strive for can be achieved without it.

Customer service has been an integral part of business enterprise for years.

This discipline helps build trust and confidence in the mind of customers, which is a requisite for sustained growth and continued success. As technology changes, so have your customer’s service needs.

If your company is still manually responding to customer service requests, you’re wasting lots of valuable time, energy, and other resources.

AI might sound intimidating, but automated tools are available for any size and scale company.

AI and hyper automation can help your organization provide its best customer service.

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Use TECH to Improve Contact Center Performance

Use TECH to Improve Contact Center Performance

8 . December . 2021

Your front line agents play a vital role in building a strong relationship. Each interaction should be treated as a chance for contact center agents to distinguish the brand and create superior recall value in the customer’s mind.

A hitch or delay in delivering a seamless customer experience immediately translates to a less than stellar brand impression in the customer’s mind. Over time, these kinds of imperfect, unsatisfactory experiences can add up to permanent loss of customers, damage in brand reputation, and consequently, loss of revenue.

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Reviews- The Power For Social Media Businesses

Reviews- The Power For Social Media Businesses

19 . January . 2021

Sometimes social media feels like the mean kids’ table in the lunchroom at middle school. Everybody’s talking dirt about someone else. And once the gossip’s out there, it’s hard to get your reputation back!

Social media is accessible to everyone and online selling has taken an increase during pandemic. Ratings can make or break any business. There are ratings and review sites where, customers tell detailed stories, might be embellished or exaggerated for attention about how they interacted with a company, whether your product thrilled or disappointed them, and why their overall experience with your company was one they’d repeat…or not.

Online reviews matter because they shape how consumers shop and spend. It is considered mandatory to read review before spending on any company or product.
So, how should respond to a negative review? Here are five tips for crafting a thoughtful response to a low rating;

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Role of Live Chat in E-Commerce Businesses

Role of Live Chat in E-Commerce Businesses

5 . January . 2021

E-Commerce business is on rise during the pandemic. More and more people are opting to shop on online as compared to retail stores because of the current scenarios. Seeing the current situation, this doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. With increasing competition in the industry, customer support can be a key differentiating factor for businesses.

Customers appreciate faster responses and quick resolution. Providing great customer support can lead to a successful and long-lasting e-commerce business. E-Commerce live chat customer support is one of the most important ways to provide the best customer support to your clients. Let's have a look at some of the key benefits of live chat support for your business.

The live chat experience of your customer on your website can make or break your customer's trust in your business. E-Commerce live chat support is one of the most powerful tools for your business which can be a leading factor in driving ecommerce sales and conversions.

Here are some of the key ways in which e-commerce live chat support can help your business.

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Add Video To Take Your Customer Service To The Next Level

Add Video To Take Your Customer Service To The Next Level

2 . December . 2020

Remote is the new normal.

Through programs such as Skype, WhatsApp and FaceTime, customers have enjoyed the benefits of using video chat in their personal lives. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before they expected the same from their customer service experiences.

Integrating video chat into your customer service is, therefore, a logical way to adapt to the way your customers want to communicate.

For instance, banks that can’t afford to have mortgage experts in each branch can make those specialists available via video from a branch or even from customers’ homes. Illinois-based Consumers Credit Union reported that in some branches the average wait time for a new loan application went down from 1.5 hours to under 2 minutes after implementing in-branch video banking.

The beauty of video is that it is definitely not just another channel. In the moments that matter most, video dramatically outperforms all other existing channels.

OneView Video Contact Center Suite is a unified and comprehensive solution that combines the power of standards based video technology with customized business features and data integration.

OneView Video contact center enables you to have video enabled agents at your contact center. Your customer can reach you in a variety of ways depending on your business model. For instance, you can place a link of Video chat anywhere on your web pages or in your mobile app.

The customer is not required to download any app. OneView video contact center is accessible through the standard browser from any smart phone, tablet, laptop or a desktop PC that has a camera and microphone installed.

Adding video to your customer service contact center can serve one or more of the following business needs:

- Reduce branch traffic
- Need to see the person on the other end for verification
- Delivering complex information and instructions to the customers
- Up-selling and cross selling

OneView video contact center receives and answers the video call request from the customer. This call is sent to the next available video agent. The agent picks up the call and starts the interaction with the customer.

OneView Video Contact Center Suite is a flexible, modular and fully integrated video Contact Center Solution that provides all the key functionalities that are required to meet the critical and emerging needs of today’s contact centers.

Handles multi-customer and multi-agent call operation
Video call auto answer
Self-help video links for FAQ and other information
Intelligent routing to the available agent
Video phone software for the video agent with login based access
Video call session recording with encryption and playback
Complete call and activity logging
MIS reports of video calling traffic, agent performance, service level, etc.
On-premises deployment and data storage

OneView video contact center solution is flexible to accommodate addition and customization of features and integrations with other systems.

OneView aims to deliver the next level of functionality that makes your contact center efficient and effective.

Video Contact Center provides high-quality video collaboration between customers and agents. Depending on how Video Contact Center is deployed, customers may connect with agents either from within the enterprise network or from devices outside the enterprise.

This one window facility requires a technology solution from a knowledgeable technology expert provider that has proven experience and can successfully deliver the target results on time and with minimum dependencies on other parties. The technical solution must be scalable in features and capacity and must be capable of integrating seamlessly with the core databases and other required systems.

OneView Video Contact Center Solution uses open standards based technology, resulting in maximum flexibility, freedom and cost advantages. It can be easily integrated in your existing environment.

OneView delivers all the application controls and capabilities in a single and elegant one window platform offering multiple functionality layers for self-service and live agent based contact handling. OneView is widely installed at the leading financial service organizations in the region.

Introducing video call feature to your contact center is definitely the next step in leveling up your customer service.

Founded in 1994, ZRG International is an ICT solutions company with a major focus on customer interaction technologies and solutions. We offer experience and innovation to help businesses manage customer relationship and achieve higher customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

Backed by a team of experience-rich professionals, ZRG offers a full range of integrated and flexible turnkey solutions for efficiently managing customer communication activities in the marketing, sales and service operations of the telecommunication, finance, insurance, shipping, healthcare and other service organizations in the Middle East, Pakistan and Africa.

ZRG has a proven track record of introducing innovations and exciting new possibilities in the customer communication areas. Our line of solutions cover all aspects of customer communication including customer contact center, CRM application suite, quality assurance suite, call center management tools, self-service automation tools, campaign management and teleconferencing. Our solutions are deployed at mission critical contact centers that are being used to provide information, assistance and services to millions of users each day through live agent and self-service based applications.

ZRG has an experienced and knowledgeable team capable of quickly designing and adding tailor-made features in our solutions for site-specific requirements. By using open standards systems, specifications and protocols, we ensure maximum flexibility and future growth of our solutions. We use innovative techniques to deliver latest features and integration capabilities in a most cost-effective manner. Our deployment team has successfully completed all our projects well before the deadlines.

Every day, on every project, we deliver value through our accumulated technical knowledge and project management skills. Our expertise delivers immediate benefits to our clients with cost and time savings. Our solution delivers increased operational efficiency and staff productivity to our valued clients. This is what we do. We deliver beyond expectations.

For more details about our video contact center solution, send us your inquiry at

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