ZRG International, a telecommunication solutions company based in Pakistan has received an export order from M/s Mobitel, a cellular phone company in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, for the supply of an advanced business telecommunication system commonly known as a Call Center. With this order, Pakistan has entered into the lucrative export market of call center systems that has been the domain of telecommunication giants from France, Germany, Sweden and other developed nations.

A Call center system is a combination of telecom hardware and specialized software that is designed to handle incoming and outgoing telephone calls in a highly customized, controlled and documented way. Any business can use call center system to provide value-added information and high quality personalized services to its customers.

ZRG has been providing advanced call handling solutions since 1994 and has the largest market share in the call center solutions market in Pakistan. Some of the biggest and most prestigious businesses are using call center systems provided by ZRG.

ZRG has introduced numerous first-of-its-kind technology products and services in Pakistan such as the first automated telephone polling on toll free 0800, the first 0900 premium rate service, the first call center system with answer by name feature and the first Urdu based automated telephone response system.

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