ZRG is starting year 2012 with another step towards social responsibility. We have teamed up with Karachi Vocational Training Institute to promote the skills of mentally challenged members of our society.

Karachi Vocational Training Centre (KVTC) is a rehabilitation centre for intellectually challenged people that live in the megacity of Karachi, Pakistan with over 20 million people. The Centre prepares the students for the challenges in life and enables them to become better, more competent people who can play a role in the society, regardless of their disabilities.

The students of KVTC develop wonderful and amazing artwork such as
-    designs for promotional items
-    coffee mug and
-    greeting cards

By having individuals and corporations sponsor the production and sale of these items, KVTC generates much-needed funds for students and thus helps them to take better care of the Intellectually challenged students.
The key objective of KVTC conducts various activities for creating awareness to remove stigmas associated with Intellectually Challenged persons amongst as many people as possible by providing them valuable information & proving to them the capabilities of Intellectually Challenged people in Pakistan. For sponsorship inquiries, KVTC can be reached on the web at http://www.kvtc.org.uk and is also present on facebook as http://www.facebook.com/KVTC1991.
This year, ZRG has sponsored the greeting card design of Ms Ayesha Shafi and used it for sending the new year 2012 greetings to all of its customers.

ZRG has taken several key steps in giving back to the society in which we are operating. In addition to our latest initiative, we have consistently offered guidance and counseling to students and youth through our internee and trainee programs, generated new and growth oriented jobs for skilled IT and Customer Service talents of the country, earned critically needed foreign exchange through software exports, participated in international IT events to enhance an IT-savvy image of the country, etc.
ZRG is Information and Communication (ICT) solutions company providing customized business communication IT solutions that improve customer interaction and services, increase productivity and reduce cost while providing a higher level of flexibility. It is one of the handfuls of IT companies from Pakistan that has been able to build a strong base of satisfied customers not only in Pakistan but also in the international markets in the Middle East, Bangladesh and Africa regions.

For more information, send an email to info@zrg.com.