In todays business world, there is a pressing need to reduce customer service contact center technology related costs without compromising on reliability or quality.

At the same time, the beneficiaries of the contact center, i.e your customers and you, the service provider, are expecting more capabilities and cutting edge innovation from the contact center technology in order to save time, get value and be happy.

To get the best of both worlds, an increasing number of organizations are looking beyond the technology brand factor. Today, the evaluation criteria, when choosing the contact center technology, covers areas such as the technology maker, the acquisition and maintenance cost, the durability i.e. expected useful life, capabilities, flexibility and prior successful deployments factors.

In addition to this, the evaluation of the solution provider, i.e. the one that is supposed to deliver you the end results, has also become a key factor of choosing a solution. This evaluation of the provider covers factors such local IT capabilities, dependencies on external resources, market position, performance track and references.

This pragmatic approach of using a contact center solution that is reliable, durable, cost-effective and functionality-centric, and is backed by a capable expert and experienced provider, can do wonders for your business. Investment lasts for a long time.

Custom features can be quickly added, getting new reports and user screens becomes easy to achieve. All the answers are delivered in a timely manner; The integration with current and future data sources becomes straightforward and support issues are easily handled without delay.

As the contact centers in the region, including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and the Gulf, evolve and enter into the next level of maturity, the factors such as cost, capability and value for money are taking center stage. Companies are going for the real gold instead of the glitter.

In a related development, Burj Bank Limited in Pakistan, recently went through a similar process of selecting technology and solution provider for their upcoming contact center project. The
Burj Bank management chose the same pragmatic approach for evaluation and selection of a solution for their customer services.

Burj Bank contact center project is aimed at providing the best quality of services to the customers in a cost-effective way. Burj Bank required an experienced solution provider offering the best technology and associated services. Here are some key highlights of the Burj Bank project evaluation activities:

·   Burj Bank wanted a very cost-effective but reliable and proven contact center technology that could provide maximum flexibility for the current and upcoming needs of the Bank.

·   Burj Bank invited offers from several providers and conducted thorough evaluations of the offered technology, capabilities and strengths and prior performance of the technology from Cisco, Genesis, Dialogic and Avaya. The local dealers and resellers such as Access Group, CSquare, ProNet, ZRG and Teradata were evaluated.

·   Burj Bank discovered that while all of these global providers have great products that have long list of features, bells and whistles, however, many of the local dealers that front these solutions lacked the locally developed and available expertise to properly utilize these very advance capabilities and therefore, depended heavily on the remote expertise for all answers, integrations, customizations and support.

·   The factors of the one-time acquisition costs and recurring maintenance costs each year were considered. The durability of the solution and the customer-retaining durations of each provider were evaluated to see the long term performance of the solution and the provider.

·   Various incidents in which the customer was left with no choice but to go through with an expensive upgrade in order to continue using the solution were also taken into considerations.

·   The experiences during last 5 years of various organizations that used the above mentioned products were reviewed to see how easy and quick was the process of the fulfillment of the required customization, integration and expansion.

·   Based on the scoring of the above parameters, Burj Bank discovered that the Dialogic Technology was the most flexible, durable and widely installed Contact Center and its long term partner, ZRG was a well recognized and most capable IT company in the region offering fully customized and integrated solutions and has the best reputation among its clients. Therefore, Burj Bank selected Dialogic Technology and awarded the project contract to ZRG.

Dialogic is a globally recognized leader and a pioneer in the innovative contact center communication and CTI technology. ZRG is well-known pioneer in ICT solutions and has a successful and unparallel track record of successfully delivering result-oriented and durable solutions during last 18 years.

This powerful combination is reflected in the fact that today, Dialogic Technologies, deployed by ZRG are being successfully used by 16 leading banks within Pakistan and abroad, in addition to many other brand name organizations such as TCS, PSO, Sanofi, EFU, Allianz, MultiNet, PTCL and many others. We have been able to satisfy and retain our clients for periods spanning over 6 - 10 years without a gap.

We hope that you have found the above industry update helpful for your reference. If you need additional information on any areas mentioned above, feel free to contact us.
Marketing Department
ZRG International