ZRG International, the market leader in unified customer contact center and CTI solutions, unveiled a new way of looking at the various aspects of today's Contact Center at a recent financial industry event.
This prestigious one-day event was inaugurated by Mr. Ashraf Mahmood Wathra, Deputy Governor, State Bank of Pakistan and was attended by over 200 leading professionals from the financial sector.

Speaking on the occasion, Ayub Butt , founder and Chief Executive of ZRG, said "In order to get optimum results from a contact center investment, an organization must develop and follow a comprehensive strategy covering all stages of contact center lifecycle".

Ayub highlighted 9-steps encapsulating the contact center lifecycle as the principle factors responsible for optimized productivity, enhanced efficiency and success of a contact center.
These are based on clearly defined set of objectives along with facts from the real world, the work, quality and costs levels can be monitored and controlled.
These recommendations have been derived from a multi-pronged research project conducted by the R&D wing of ZRG and were presented as an Executive Summary titled Contact Center Lifecycle to the participants of the conference.

The contact center research identified that the customer contact center planning and management process includes nine critical steps that an organization should be following in order to be properly staffed, scheduled, forecasted and prepared for just about anything.

"Revisiting this strategy on a regular basis can help businesses fine tune and adjust various parameters that reflect the changing realities of the marketplace", said Ayub.
A leading player in the CRM and ICT industry, ZRG is well-recognized for its role in creating awareness of CRM best practices and emerging trends among the industry professionals and business users.
In addition to this recent study, ZRG research team also has created a large collection of knowledge document and white papers on various aspects of CRM.
The company believes that its success lies in the success of the customer project and therefore, for ZRG, it is of utmost that the
relevant CRM and senior management teams are aware of the all the relevant areas of their CRM project.

Besides providing knowledge and building awareness, ZRG offers Unified Contact Center solutions with integrated business apps for CTI, IVR, Call Recording, CRM, Ordering, Complaint & Lead management. The solutions are built on innovative, stable & industry standard technologies from world leading ICT giants and, therefore, run seamlessly in cost-effective LAN Server and workstations environments.

The apps are fully customizable and easily integrate with all standard backend data sources.

The apps are fully customizable and easily integrate with all standard backend data sources.
Through its in-depth domain knowledge of CRM and its expertise in ICT systems, ZRG has delivered results to prestigious brands, including leading financial service organizations and mission-critical customer service projects. The company holds the best
ratings for customer retention in the market with retained customer accounts of leading brands for periods spanning 10+ years. ZRG is one of the top ICT companies in the region with over 70% market segment share for its products in its home market. Incorporated in 1994, ZRG has grown into a multiproduct, multi-disciplinary solutions company with focus on the domain knowledge and system solutions for the customer relationship management and communication needs of an organization.
With almost two decades of innovation and performance, ZRG has become a well-respected name in the CRM and ICT industry.

To get your own copy of the 9-step Contact Center Lifecycle Executive Summary send an email to zrg-edesk@zrg.com