Finca Microfinance Bank Limited has launched their updated customer Contact Center Service facility to offer more convenience and value to its customers. The Contact center is equipped with state-of-the-art business telecommunication technology and OneView Customer Relationship Management CRM Apps deployed by ZRG, nation's leading Contact center specialist company.
FINCA Microfinance Bank Ltd is a deposit-taking bank regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan; one of the fastest growing microfinance networks with a presence in more than 85 cities.

To provide maximum assistance to the customers and prospects, Finca management is continuously making significant investments of time, efforts and funds to incorporate latest technological capabilities and industry best practices in their customer service.
In order to enhance their customer satisfaction, Finca identified the need for a system solution with a range of features that support Finca's mission to enable an improved way to work and collaborate, giving contact center specialists, supervisors and agents with the components required for a world-class contact center.
Under the agreement, ZRG has provided One View Contact Center, a multichannel contact center system to serve the client necessity and to offer its agents complete assistance with embracing a new and improved way to work in delivering customer satisfaction that is more adaptable to the changing needs of an enterprise.
OneView solution for Finca depends on adaptable stages that work on an open standard based innovation. It incorporates best in class and fully integrated suite of apps for ACD for call dissemination, IVR for self-service, CTI screen popup for authentication, voice recording server for QA and staff assessment and a comprehensive MIS reporting bundle.
The OneView Agent App gives the agents the capabilities they need to provide the best possible customer experience, which ultimately contributes to positively impacting the bottom line. The solution's analytics package empowers contact center managers to monitor agent call stats in real-time, uncover bottlenecks, and identify training needs to maximize agent productivity and customer satisfaction.
High quality customer service is exceedingly essential component of overall business strategy for today's enterprise. For organizations targeting a large number of dispersed prospects and growing client base, Contact Center is the most effective method of delivering timely information and transaction services to the customers. It also serves as a dynamic tool that can be used to separate an organization from its competitors.
By passing on successful results and complete satisfaction to the most prestigious driving brand relationship in the nation and abroad, ZRG has transformed into an inside and out supposed name among the principle contact center and business telecom specialists. ZRG offers contact center and CTI products that are built on top of technologies from Dialogic, Microsoft and Java. Dialogic is a worldwide pioneer in communication technologies, offering most recent developments and most recent advances and possibilities. ZRG is known for its all-around territory data, a suite of versatile plan and a marvelous reference from its clients.
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