FPCCI selected ZRG as an achiever in Contact center and CRM Projects and Solutions
ZRG Head Office, Karachi (July 29, 2019) – ZRG International (private) Limited, a specialist provider of the unified CTI Contact Center and CRM solutions for service providers and enterprises, announced that the ZRG is the recipient of the achievement award in the category of ICT & Telecom, Introduction of New Technology, Outsourcing & Solutions at the 7th FPCCI Awards event in Islamabad on July 25, 2019 at the President House, Islamabad.

"We are thrilled that FPCCI continues to acknowledge the innovations and fantastic results that merit oriented ICT companies like ZRG are delivering to the market," said Ayub Butt, CEO of ZRG. "For over 25 years, ZRG has been consistently introducing newer capabilities in media processing, business applications, and system integration that are enhanced by our in-depth knowledge of CTI and computing technology.”

ZRG combines the power of real-time communications and CTI with business application development know-how into a one window technology platform that delivers fast and hassle-free results. ZRG offers innovative capabilities for managing customer communication and relationship in a collaborative environment while supporting management need for documentation, monitoring and reporting.

Mr. Ayub Butt highlighted that this powerful combination has allowed ZRG to create a paradigm shift in Unified Contact Center market and customers are now demanding fully integrated technology solution instead of a multi-vendor technology boxes combined into a solution.

ZRG has introduced advanced features with multi-applications, virtualization and distributed multi-site setups that enterprises call for. The unique multi-modal architecture by ZRG supports an additional tenancy layer that allows a business group to use a single platform to run independently operate contact centers of multiple companies of the group.

“Today’s contact center is constantly evolving with changes taking in business and technical environment with new systems, new regulations and new user requirements being introduced very frequently.”, said Ms Tooba Kiran from ZRG marketing team. “This requires the business apps and integration with data sources to be fully customizable. The ability to easily customize the platform to meet multiple market segment needs gives ZRG and our customers an advantage over the competition."

“Support for new features, in addition to an extra tenancy layer, give ZRG the flexibility to address the needs of the customers, user teams and the management.”, said Mr Nadeem Amin from ZRG technology team.

“We are able to offer rapid customization services right here without any dependence on distant 3rd party experts. This allows our clients to receive the functionality they require as per their business requirements in a short period of time. This ability is a make or break factor when new requirements of management and regulators are to be added and modified in the operational system on an ongoing basis.”, Nadeem added.

For more information, visit the ZRG website at www.zrg.com.