Ideas to Put Quality Management at the Heart of Your Contact Center

Ideas to Put Quality Management at the Heart of Your Contact Center

16 . October . 2020

Your quality management (QM) program is probably well-established, with guidelines and definitions, rules, and ratings. But does it have a heart, one that contributes meaning and spark to how we think about customer interactions?

Here are some ideas to make sure the heart of your quality management program is healthy and pulsing with life:

1. Position Quality Results and Micro-Trends Front and Center

Walk into any contact center and you’ll see real-time and recent operational results posted everywhere, but where are the quality results?

Boost the quality focus by making real-time, daily and weekly quality trends visible, and use them to tell a compelling story.

How is our quality today? What happened yesterday? What are quality micro-trends? Where are we excelling? What are we hearing from customers this week? How are we using what we learn to inform our business and serve customers better?

2. Create a Quality Public Relations Campaign

Take a page from marketing and craft a persuasive campaign to communicate your unique quality brand. Create a fun video to orient new hires to the quality process. Host a dessert bar when you hit a quality milestone. Survey stakeholders to gauge buy-in and engagement. Create a crowd sourced quality vision statement. Complete an annual report highlighting continuous improvement achievements, explaining how quality supports the business, and sharing goals for the coming year.

3. Add a Quality Twist to Your Celebrations

Incorporate frequent, creative, and spontaneous recognition and celebration of quality accomplishments into daily life. Quality should be part of the air we breathe at work – and the more we find opportunities to celebrate our accomplishments, the more we will associate quality with positive feelings of accomplishment and achievement.

4. Add More Show and Less Tell Into Quality Management Processes

The more time agents spend observing interactions, the more they learn what works and what doesn’t. Most QM forms describe what we want to hear, but our employees learn best through real life experiences and examples. Build in 2 to 3 hours a month for agents to listen, discuss, and analyze a wide range of customer interactions. Rather than describing the QM process, break out the form and a recording and give Agents the change to interact with the QM criteria and scoring.

5. Organize an Agent Quality Roundtable

While quality team members are “stewards” of quality, agents own it. The ownership mentality doesn’t always come naturally, though. Create a supportive framework for agents to take the lead, flex their leadership skills, and learn more about their role as “quality owners” with a rotating Agent Quality Roundtable, where agents can observe and discuss interactions, and brainstorm solutions to solve for entrenched quality barriers, and bring insights back to their teams.

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