How Communications Service Providers Can Invest in Customer Experience

How Communications Service Providers Can Invest in Customer Experience

15 . March . 2021

Before digging in detail lets us see what is communication service provider:

A communications service providers (CSP) offers telecommunications services over networks. CSPs include the following categories: telecommunications carrier, content and application service provider (CASP), cable service provider, satellite broadcasting operator, and cloud communications service provider.

Communications service providers (CSPs), are at the forefront of the telecommunications industry, despite that they have been slow to invest in customer experience because CSPs have primarily focused on the growth and evolution of their network infrastructure for coverage, capacity, and resilience.

Here are key areas that CSPs should consider for investment in improved customer experience:

Lowering the barriers to service

To improve customer satisfaction, CSPs need to reduce the overall net effort for customers in service interactions. In many instances, CSPs simply lack the engagement channels and tools required to empower customers to easily engage.

Providing true omnichannel support is only part of the solution. Another significant challenge for CSPs is that they often don’t utilize all the information of past customer experience to improve interactions with customers. Take a moment to think about how many times you, as a consumer, have contacted a CSP and started communicating with them about an issue via a particular channel, and have had to re-explain the issue multiple times as you were escalated to other channels and dealt with multiple agents.

The ideal customer scenario would be for the CSP to have already anticipated the customer’s issue. Using artificial intelligence, the care platform could make an accurate prediction about why a customer may be contacting the CSP for service.

Reinventing the agent experience

The agent experience should not be overlooked when working towards improving the customer experience. A poor agent experience leads to frustration and a lack of motivation, resulting in high employee attrition. This has a significant impact on cost, not least due to the hiring and training spend, as well as the direct impact on the CSP’s ability to support customers.

Often, agents are faced with a number of screens, multiple disjointed applications and support systems, and no common user interface or integration across them. This leaves agents hunting through masses of screen real estate for the information that they need.

To solve this problem, CSPs could use innovation and intelligence to provide a single agent screen that delivers a tailored 360-view of the customer.

Turning care into commerce

Another key challenge that CSPs face is revenue growth. Blending sales and service shouldn’t be considered a one-way street, only benefiting the CSP. Customers can also take advantage of this, as the care experience can expose a previously unidentified need or a more appropriate product offering, allowing the CSP to add further value for the customer.

Now more than ever, CSPs need to deliver value to their customers. CSPs need to think about how their customers might want to interact with them, and how best to implement an intelligence-led digital customer experience. These measures can lead to cost savings and revenue growth.

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