Digital Transformation in Customer Service

Digital Transformation in Customer Service

23 . September . 2021

Customer experience & digital transformation are now going hand-in-hand and companies need to provide exceptional customer experiences if they need to succeed in today's crowded marketplaces. Customers also use many more digital channels than before and expect seamless journeys throughout their transactions and even while switching between channels. So how one stay ahead of the competition in does today's competitive environment and what are the new expectations of customers? What should be the customer experience strategy? Here is our take on how an organization can enhance its customer experience and satisfaction.

Customer Experience

Customer experience has become the main brand differentiator rather than product and price. We now live in an environment where customers value the experience of buying a product or service more than the product itself.

Customer Experience is No More Limited to a Single Department

As customer experience becomes the main driver, customer service is gaining more importance in businesses. While customer service was traditionally seen as a department solely devoted to handling customer queries, it is transitioning to a more central role as a profit center rather than a cost center. An increasingly larger number of executives also believe that customer experience with digital transformation is critical for business success.

Most Customer Interactions are Becoming Digital

Digital channels are gaining more prominence when it comes to customer interactions. Social media, email, and messaging have become serious alternatives to phone calls. Consumers are familiar with using these channels to communicate and are looking to use them even to interact with companies.

Messaging Gains in Prominence

Messaging is currently the fastest-growing channel when it comes to customer service. Unlike live chat which has disadvantages like its synchronous character, lack of conversation history and limited use in mobile devices, messaging is synchronous, retains the chat history, and is compatible with mobile devices. Messaging services are now offered mainly through external channels like Messenger and WhatsApp.

Personalization Becomes Even More Important

It is no secret that every customer wants to be recognized and feel special. Personalizing the customer experience can go a long way in making customers feel more valuable, thereby enhancing loyalty. Today, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine (ML) capabilities are being leveraged to provide customers with much more seamless and personalized services. This is especially prevalent with companies such as Netflix and Amazon. These companies use AI and ML to study a user's past behavior and then suggest options based on that past behavior. Carnival Cruise, a cruise company, also leverages AI and provides its customers with a wristband that provides customized directions and suggests events and sessions according to the customer's taste.

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