Change the Monotony of your Contact Center

Change the Monotony of your Contact Center

19 . January . 2022

Over the years, it has been learned that things can get more efficient and effective with small or little changes, even when all is well. We can employ activities that help our identify gaps, inefficiencies, and potential trouble areas that may not have seen.

Here are some ways to do that:

Make it a fun project

Feedback mechanisms like surveys and suggestion boxes can generate ideas that seem disjointed, one-sided, or incomplete. Cohesively leverage our team members’ insights by creating project groups from within our team to come up with innovative ideas that drive improvement or performance.

This shouldn’t feel like another tasking assignment on top of their already busy schedules. We should incorporate this project into their schedules, and use innovative team building and creativity-sparking activities.

Invite other units to audit your team

Having a fresh eye is invaluable to improve processes and procedures. This can be a scary experience for managers; we fear criticism or appearing inadequate to other members of the management team. Our focus instead should be that a fresh eye and different viewpoint can result in unique and innovative solutions. In a company that values continuous improvement, this should be done across the organization and shouldn’t be a scary experience.

Hire a consultant

A good consultant comes with an array of experience with companies of different sizes and across different industries. They are rarely stumped, and this expertise is invaluable to our organization. They have seen similar issues with companies like ours, and can create unique solutions or modify successful solutions used by other companies.
The primary goal of these activities is to have actions or recommendations to improve the department’s performance. Once these are identified, now it’s time to shake things up.

Here are some steps to consider:

Get to it
Commit to creating solutions for all the identified gaps, inefficiencies, and bottlenecks. Do not leave one identified issue behind. Where the solutions cannot be implemented immediately, break them down into short-, mid- and long-term solutions.

Train on the changes/improvements
Our training program doesn’t have to be intricate, time-consuming, or expensive. The goal is to have a structure in place to address the changes/improvements and drive complete understanding, acceptance, ownership, and adoption.

Have a change management program
A change management program allows leaders to help people succeed. Design a concrete plan to drive the acceptance and success of our new initiatives or changes. Internal communication activities can create a sense of organizational/department- wide excitement about the changes/improvements. Our team members feel everyone is in it together to drive improved performance; it’s not just their team/group.
It’s crucial to involve our team members. Besides getting unique, innovative, and effective solutions, we promote a sense of inclusion within our teams and drive cross-team collaboration.

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