Time to refresh from Leadership fatigue

Time to refresh from Leadership fatigue

9 . February . 2022

Leadership fatigue can occur when we’re juggling a lot of balls, when our efforts and strategies at work fail to produce the required result, and when we’re working late nights and weekends for an extended period, etc. It can happen at any time, and has become more prevalent since the pandemic started.

Instead of suffering in silence or joining this non-movement labeled the Great Resignation, find a way that works for us to pause, reflect and refresh. And then come back for the next round and keep solving the problems by being at our best as a leader.

Here are some ideas to help.

Ideas to help us refresh leadership fatigue

1. Center on your purpose as a leader

Our job is challenging by definition. There are many thankless tasks and days, yet leaders play a role in shaping careers and lives through their coaching and guidance. It’s easy to lose track of our heartfelt purpose and potential as a leader in the middle of messy situations, yet purpose is what will propel us through troubling times.

2. Adjust our attitude through Beginner’s Mind thinking

Approaching issues by suspending judgment and seeking first to understand is a remarkable way to change the tone and tenor of every day for us and our team members. Viewing people and teams and challenges from a fresh perspective leads to inner calm and an endless journey of discovery. Curiosity is contagious across groups, and it sows the seeds of creativity and innovation.

3. Treat the workplace as a living laboratory and start experimenting

There are few things more energizing in our work than accepting that we can change the variables and try new approaches in search of solutions. Enlist our team in thinking differently about our situation, and then start experimenting!

4. Commit to creating value at every encounter

Succeeding at each encounter doesn’t mean we have to have all the answers. Rather, our goal is to do those things we can control, including listening fiercely, empathizing, displaying curiosity, prompting ideas or connecting others with potentially helpful resources.

The individuals using this “Create Value at Every Encounter” successfully log their encounters and outcomes in a journal and even quantify successes and misses as part of a personal continuous improvement program.

5. Reinvent your career without resigning

Instead of succumbing to the often mistaken impression that switching firms is key to our happiness, consider reinventing what we do in our current organization.
Thanks to our state of affairs, many organizations have diverse unmet needs, and our interest in doing something new offers a potential solution to a big problem.

Success with this approach requires us to reframe career progress less in terms of vertical movement up the ladder and more as a lateral movement in search of new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow.

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