Learn to deliver world class service experience

Learn to deliver world class service experience

2 . February . 2020

The effortless customer experience has been the guiding mantra in customer service for the last decade.

Yet, to meet rising expectations, companies are realizing that their biggest hurdle isn't the customer experience (CX) - it's the agent experience.

So what's holding companies back from providing an effortless agent experience? They spent more time dealing with legacy systems and outdated technology than actually listening to their customers. In an effort to improve our CX, you must overlooked your crucial folks who differentiate your business from your competitors. Sound familiar?

Provide Your Agents with the Technology and the Tools
Often, contact centers agents work with legacy systems that are too rigid to evolve with changing customer expectations. Take a moment to rethink your technology stack, with the user in mind.

Provide Your Agents with a Great Work Environment
It's nearly impossible to deliver outstanding customer service if youragents don't genuinely love their jobs. Infuse your contact center with brand culture, but don't forget to let your agents' individuality to shine through.

• Training

Give your associates the opportunity to learn about your brand, products, and services.

• Coaching and Recognition

Devise an agent-to-supervisor ratio that fosters development and opportunities for recognition. By removing operational tasks from supervisors and allowing them to focus on coaching and engaging associates, your customer relations team continually improves their skills and feels more connected.

• Agent Empowerment

Arm your front-line associate with the tools and approvals they need to assist customers without the need for escalations.
By empowering all associates to make necessary business transactions, will boost agent productivity. Even better, you avoid hindering the customer experience by transferring them from associate to manager.

• Leverage Individuality and Passion

Customers resonate best when interacting with authentic people. Embrace your agents' individuality and encourage them to be themselves when engaging with customers. You've hired them because they are passionate about your products or services, so let that shine through.

• Eliminate Constraining Metrics

Consider removing (or concealing) KPIs, such as Average Handling Time (AHT), that measure the speed of customer interactions. These metrics put pressure on agents and ignore interaction quality.