Cross Selling- Revenue Generating Hub for Centers

Cross Selling- Revenue Generating Hub for Centers

26 . May . 2021

Service and sales are chained together, especially now where the customer has a wealth of information and competition is abundant. To add another strategic weapon in a company’s playbook, service and sales must merge into one point of contact.

Another weapon that could be added is CSR i.e.; a sale through service or in simpler words cross selling. Customer service representative Businesses have begun to realize that the “hidden” customer service channel is ripe for leveraging a “sales through service” model. Credit card companies are one of the examples of that.

Ingraining “Service Through Sales” Within an Organization

By investing in the customer service division and structuring it more like a sales organization, complete with revenue goals and a sales-oriented leader, this department no longer needs to be considered a cost center.

As with any change in an organization, the leadership team must be firmly on board, backing the initiative from both a managerial and investment standpoint. Change management and a culture shift within an established department is no easy feat, but with a strong sales-focused manager at the helm, he or she can guide the service-focused employee by aligning personnel to work towards the common goal of converting their department into a revenue-generating entity. However, this must not come at the expense of providing a superior customer experience.

It will be necessary for the manager to communicate expectations, provide metrics, and outline goals to the division. Training, both initial and ongoing, must be aggressively provided, easing the current workforce into a routine of giving service to customers while also integrating a sales conversation into the mix. Incentives also go a long way, motivating and rewarding employees to embrace the “sales through service” model with monetary compensation. Additionally, the manager should consider making changes to the hiring strategy moving forward, recruiting personnel with both sales and service competencies.

Service First

Acting as both a service and sales representative requires a delicate balance when communicating with a customer. Since customer service personnel typically field inbound customer inquiries, it’s imperative that CSRs address a customer’s initial service request before cross-selling. Once a customer’s request is resolved, agents must quickly reengage the customer long enough to clearly and quickly deliver the “sales” offer. More than 80 percent of customers who were happy with a rep’s performance said they were willing to listen to the agent’s offer. The order is service first, sales second to produce revenue.

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