Considering New Contact Center Technology? Read This First!

Considering New Contact Center Technology? Read This First!

1 . December . 2019

What problems will the technology solve? What new problems will it introduce? How will the new technology impact our customers? Do our customers even care?Before investing in new technology, consider this pragmatic approach.

Are you clear on the problem the new technology will solve?

If you do not already have a sense of your contact center’s “opportunities”, dig into your data. Without a clearly defined problem, you will not have a strong solution.

Adding new technology to an ambiguous situation causes chaos and could lead to a failed implementation.

Can your needs be met with your current technology?

Getting the most out of your current technology may mean getting more users on the system, using more of the features, or adding an app to boost productivity, among other things. There are many ways to get more out of your technology, and not all of them require a significant investment.

Are your processes solid?

Processes should be firmly in place and well-documented before adding a new tool. Technology will not fix a poor process. Adding new technology on top of a weak process will confuse your employees and your customers and likely result in an even bigger mess.

Are you prepared with a change management plan?

Implementation involves much more than configuration and training – these are just the first hurdles. The real challenge lies in the adoption of the new tool, a piece of the process that many vendors and customers tend to overlook. Implementing new software is more than “if you build it, they will come”.